Bandaid Hysterectomy

A bandaid hysterectomy is a surgical procedure that utilizes a laparoscope (a thin, lighted tube inserted through an incision) to magnify the clinician’s view of the uterus and surrounding organs when removing the uterus.

This is an effective alternative to traditional abdominal surgery for women who need a hysterectomy, minus the large incisions or scarring that accompany it.

Bandaid Hysterectomy

The term bandaid hysterectomy refers to the small incisions required. The incisions can be covered with a regular bandaid strip you can pick up at the store, eliminating the need for large, messy and bulky surgical dressings that must be changed regularly.

Benefits of a bandaid hysterectomy

Traditional types of hysterectomy surgery can require significant recovery times and result in large incisions and scarring. A bandaid hysterectomy minimizes those considerations resulting in:

  • Smaller incisions and scarring
  • Faster recovery times
  • Quicker return to work and other activities
  • Less pain after surgery and reduced need for pain medication
  • Appetite and normal bowel function returns quicker

With the magnification available through laparoscopic surgery, your surgeon can examine the entire area to determine if there is any sign of disease, abnormalities or other health-related conditions that need to be addressed at the time the bandaid hysterectomy is performed.

Dr. Cook will operate using robotic surgery for your hysterectomy which is less invasive than traditional surgery and results in quicker recovery time. The robotic technology doesn’t operate independently, it works under the complete control of the surgeon.

Reasons for a bandaid hysterectomy

The reasons you may need a bandaid hysterectomy are the same as those for traditional abdominal or vaginal hysterectomies.

There are some instances when you may not be a good candidate for a vaginal hysterectomy, making a bandaid hysterectomy the preferred method.

Those reasons include:

  • If you’ve had ovarian cysts
  • If you’ve had a cesarean section birth
  • If large fibroids are present
  • If the uterus is too large to be removed vaginally
  • If adhesions are a concern due to endometriosis

When presented with their available options, many women choose a bandaid hysterectomy due to convenience considerations and benefits that are most compatible with their lifestyle.

Choosing the option that’s best for you

A bandaid hysterectomy offers a wide variety of benefits over traditional types of surgical procedures if you need a hysterectomy. It’s critical that you talk with your gynecologist to determine if a bandaid hysterectomy is the right decision for you, depending upon the underlying reason that you require the procedure.

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