From a medical perspective, women’s wellness isn’t just about dealing with unwanted symptoms and physical aches.

Women's Wellness: More than Physical Health

Think about it this way…

What’s standing in the way of your total health and overall well-being? What would it take to make you feel full of energy, enabling you to live at your highest physical and mental potential?

Women’s wellness goes well beyond questions like, “can you prescribe something for joint pain?” or “is my cholesterol at normal level?”

Women’s wellness aims to involve everything from an active lifestyle, a satisfying sex life to having the energy to do the things you truly love. And more.

Just some aspects of women’s wellness include how to optimize your body and brain so that it can handle stress, feel confidence in yourself, feel more optimistic, be as healthy as possible, have more energy and vitality, etc.

In other words… achieve optimal life / health balance, such as:

  • Wake up every morning, looking forward to the day
  • Being more optimistic and having a more positive outlook, like the glass is half full – not half empty
  • Finding the joy in doing the things you love
  • Being ‘in the mood’ more often and having an incredible sex life

Each and every one of those things ties into your overall wellness. But let’s dig in a little deeper.

What is Women’s Wellness?

More than just a healthy body, women’s wellness helps improve function of your physical, mental, and emotional health, and even your vaginal health.

Physical Health

One of the biggest factors to “living” is being in optimal physical condition. Physical health means achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, eating right, participating in physical activities or exercise, and ensuring you get enough sleep.

Not only can physical health make you live longer, you’ll also feel better, as physical activity is a natural mood lifter – so you can approach everyday with a positive attitude!

Additionally, as you achieve a more active and healthy lifestyle, you’ll body and skin will look better. And when you look better, you’ll feel more confident and self-assured, which is one of the most important factors in achieving optimal wellness!

Mental Health

Not only is physical health important, but your mental health. Stress and anxiety can not only affect your physical health – as it increases the chances of heart disease, blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes – it can also affect your outlook.

Ask yourself … how do you feel when you’re stressed?

Some common effects of stress include:

  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Have a hard time focusing
  • Hard to find motivation
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability or anger
  • Sadness, anxiety or depression

Making sure your mental health is in check is important to your overall well-being. A wellness coach or testing your hormone levels may be for you.

Coming to the realization that you can do something about it is a great start. Remember, you are wired with the ability to cope with the normal stresses of life and still be productive and feel accomplished.

Emotional Health

While emotions can be glorious and uplifting, they can also be detrimental to your overall health and well-being. But what exactly defines “emotional health”?

If you have ever experienced an inexplicable surge of anger triggered by a silly question or you fell like crying for no apparent reason, then you know you are “out of balance”. This can happen at any age when certain hormones are under-produced in the body.

Emotional health is evident when you:

  • feel that you have balance in your life
  • are content
  • able to build, strong long-lasting relationships
  • have a sense of purpose in life

Visit your wellness doctor to find out if your hormones are out of balance with a simple test.

Vaginal Health

At the peak of every women’s wellness is vaginal health.

While all women should be concerned with their vaginal health, what establishes a healthy vagina?

It somewhat depends on a woman’s age. Women in child-bearing age can have laxity and incontinence issues after childbirth, while more mature women can suffer from vaginal dryness and diminished sensation.

A healthy vagina contains abundant quantities of beneficial bacteria that help ward off infections, generally has an acidic pH, and is naturally lubricated.

Vaginal problems can affect your fertility, pleasure, and your ability to reach an orgasm. And we all know how important having a strong sex life is to overall health and happiness!

What To Do

Many women are still uncomfortable discussing this matter with their doctors. Don’t be. You’re wellness doctor or gynecologist can help you regain your vaginal health.

It all starts with a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Cook.

What Are the Symptoms

If your personal wellness is starting to deteriorate, you might be feeling out of balance or unlike yourself.

Symptoms can vary drastically from person to person and may include:

  • hard to concentrate and focus on simple tasks
  • sudden and uncontrollable hot flashes
  • inexplicable weight gain
  • losing too much hair
  • pain during sex
  • restless nights or can’t fall asleep

But that’s not all.

With a decline in overall health, your chances of diabetes and heart disease remarkably increases, your blood pressure may go through the roof, cholesterol levels can sky-rocket, your sex drive is gone, and having an orgasm is out of the question.

Wouldn’t you love to start feeling like yourself again?

Achieving Optimal Health

What you may not know is that regaining your peak personal health is easier than you think.

With the help of Dr. Cook, you can regain your wellness as a healthy woman.

Why Dr. Cook?

Dr. Cook truly cares about her patients and provides 100% of her attention to each patient. Gone are the ancillary providers and nurse practitioners – Dr. Cook is on the forefront of each and every one of her patient’s treatment.

But that’s not only why you should consider Dr. Cook as your gynecologist and wellness professional.

When it comes to choosing who to trust with your personal health, utmost experience and knowledge matters. And Dr. Cook has earned the distinction of being voted “Best  gynecologist in Smyrna”.

Graduating Magna Cum Laude from both Spelman College and the Medical College of Georgia, and then continuing her education with four years of residency at the Eastern Virginia Medical School, Dr. Cook received a multitude of awards for her work in research. Though, the award she is most proud of, however, is “The Most Compassionate Resident” award she received.

If you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately or feel out of balance, you owe it to yourself to find out how you can get back in balance.

Schedule your no-obligation consultation with Dr. Cook today – it’s time to uncover a solution and regain your life.

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